A custom brand and website might not be in the cards right now, but that doesn't mean you have to forego a professional website altogether! These small but mighty websites will give you the credibility you need to launch and grow your business at the price point you require now. 

You need a cost-effective solution

If the primary goal of your website is to have a visitor book a call or request a consult or quote, you're in the right place. Each of our templates is designed with the singular goal of getting website viewers to make contact with you so you can close the sale. 

You run  a service-based business

We get it -- you need a fresh start that will start paying the bills ASAP,  which means you need to stand out in a crowded market without a huge list of clients or referrals to pull from. A professional website will immediately legitimize you in the market and develop trust with new customers from the get go.

You're looking for a fresh start

Firebrand is Right for You If:

Showit is a template builder which partners with Wordpress exceptionally well. We've tested Showit against every other other web builder (ie. Wix, Squarespace, Elementor, Divi) for usability, design capability, SEO, and speed and it outperforms these competitors every time.

You would prefer not to work with showit

E-commerce requires a whole new level of complexity which we are not equipped to manage at this time due to our current caseload. If you require e-commerce options on your website, we'd be happy to recommend a designer who has the same attention to detail who is more suited for this need.

You require e-commerce on your website

Firebrand sites allow you to modify the copy, images, colors, and fonts of our templates. Any changes beyond that fall outside the scope of our services. If you require additional customizations or design which goes beyond our services, we have a sister agency we would love to introduce you to!

You want a fully custom site or brand

Firebrand is Not the Right for You IF:

The Fine Print

Once all revisions in the single revision round have been made, you'll receive a link for final approval which needs to be approved within 24 hours. Meanwhile, we will apply all on-page SEO strategies prior to launch. While it might take Showit and Google up to 2 business days (with the exception of a blog migration which takes 4-5) for the new site to become visible online, our deadline reflects the moment we hit "Publish" and point the URL to your brand new site. 

Optimize and Launch


Once the questionnaires have been submitted, you'll receive a meeting link to book your design consultation. During this session, we will review your website and note any final revisions to be made prior to launching the website. At this time, you will need to provide us with the requested domain (www.sitename.com) so that we can reserve it for you during the launch phase, or you'll need to provide us with the logins to your site host so that we can redirect the URL to your new site once it's time to launch.

book your design consultation


The booking packet will include two questionnaires, and a link to book your 1-hour design consult. The first questionnaire will include a design guide to help you select your desired colors and font pairings which will then be submitted so that we can customize your site accordingly. The second questionnaire is more extensive and will guide the copy for your new website. This packet will take between 1-2 hours but will provide us with the majority of the information we need to build your site and make it wildly effective.

Complete the necessary questionnaires


Once you've found the template you wish to customize, click "Book Now" to be redirected to our project management system, HoneyBook. You will follow the prompts to select your desired package, review your invoice, sign a contract, and make your first deposit. This will lock you into our services and your countdown to delivery starts the business day after you complete this booking packet.

Select & Purchase Your Desired Template


From Booking to Launch